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Φ55-207 Signal Tower


High-performance long-life inflatable bulb; unique type flash lamp, the light source signal better visibility; product compact structure, there are a variety of mounting brackets; flash type: 40-60 beats / min; the product can be installed Bee ming, volume: 85dB above; material: shade -AS, base -ABS; protection class: IP34;

Order Specification

Model: LTA207-2
Segments Num.: 2 Segments
Light Sources: Bulb:Steady burn/Flashing
Light Power: 10W
Speaker Decibels: 85dB(Optional)
Voltage: DC12V     DC24V      AC110V      AC220V
Mounting: Multifunctional installation
Optional Function: T-Steady burn,W-Flashing,TJ-Steady burn with buzzer
QTY: -
Packing Size: -
Weight: -



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Incandescent bulbs  
  Incandescent light bulbs with high-quality, illumination > 800Lx, life > 1000 hours.

  High quality industrial buzzer sound and light alarm simultaneously, ideal warning effect, the alarm sounds Optional

Audition Center

多層次警示燈(LTA系列 可選音)-滴滴聲
多層次警示燈(LTA系列 可選音)-LTA短音
多層次警示燈(LTA系列 可選音)-LTA長音

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