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Φ80-Mini Strobe Warning Light


High-performance xenon lamp as the light source strobe warning lights; unique flash type shade, so better visibility light signal; Material: shade -PC, base -ABS; product structure compact, flexible and easy fixed; flash frequency: 90-150 beats / min; protection IP54

Order Specification

Model: LTE3072
Light Sources: Xenon Flahing
Light Power: 10W
Speaker Decibels: -
Mounting: Screw fixing
Voltage: DC12V     DC24V    AC220V
QTY: 60
Packing Size: 44*35*27.5cm
Weight: -



Model Description

Screw Fixing      


  German imports of high-quality Xenon Lamp, service life of up to more than 50 million times. Machine no mechanical wear, no noise. High luminous efficiency, anti-background light, strong fog-penetrating capacity

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